Sillyworks is back!

After a long break from the website, Sillyworks is now back again. I spent quite a bit of time designing the new site and found myself becoming too busy focusing on client work. The perils of being busy hey? Imagine your business, developing a new product or service, and finding the time in between handling clients, day to day tasks etc – can be difficult.

I have also made some behind the scenes changes which will improve services for valued clients.

Some new things from today:

  • Existing clients have been moved onto a much faster server, which results in faster loading websites. If you host with Sillyworks, you will also get this great experience
  • The new website, which will aim to provide great information to customers and visitors to the site
  • There is now a project enquiry form to get a proposal back to you much quicker.

There are some exciting things coming up, so if you want to keep up, sign up to get the latest from Sillyworks.